Thursday, March 25, 2010

office lady

Since I am the personnal assistant of my boss and daddy I can enjoy the way to wear classy and feminines office attires and the way to attract the attention of my new colleagues. They're all kind with me !

Like it was not easy everyday to meet my assistant and housewive duties so my man hired the services of a maid !


My daddy often say he gets the best wife he could ever hope.

When he comes back home from work he likes the way I prepared things for him.

So he always has a kind compliment for me on how lovely and attentionned women I am !

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

accordion pleated skirts 2

Tomorrow daddy take me to his office. He wants me to be his full time assistant. Hope the little girl I still am will be big enough and do a good job !

accordion pleated skirts

For the office this pleated skirt will be perfect. Classy and vintage. Good choice.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

shopping girl

Back from mall again where I pridly show my new dress and skirts to my man.
Please to him is now my only goal... but I like it and do it so good !!
My slim feminine body and curves can fine wear all fem things.
My mother is so proud of me too the darling daughter she always wanted to have ...

t-girl princess

Now sugardaddy finally offered to me my own card with an inlimited credit !!
My taste for pretty things made him crazy but he loves so much see me the teen shy boy he still remember how far I explored feminity and to finally become the lovely princess I am...

pretty closet for pretty girl

Look and imagine...
I'm back from the mall where I bought all these pretty clothes.
My man is complimenting me on how well that fits on me.
He will often more give to me his credit card in the future !